Yoga, the way of LIFE
June 20, 2015
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July 16, 2015

You and YOGA


“Yoga is more than just a workout – It is about working on yourself.”

Yoga – an art of living well – is composed of 75% practice and 25% theory. The benefits of yoga can only be experienced or seen when we live and practice it regularly. Yoga teaches you to live with nature, with total harmony between the head, heart and hand i.e. the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of the personality.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita – ‘Sharir madhyam khalu dharm sadhanam’. (The body is the medium to fulfill all dharma). If the body is not able to give us adequate support, we become helpless.

Unfortunately, we have been abusing our body. That is why, even at a young age – e.g. 25-30 years, we hear of people suffering from heart ailments and many other psycho – physiological ailments which were unheard of a short while ago. We tend to take to yoga only after we experience certain setbacks to our own health and well-being. Health is, however, more than simply the absence of disease. It refers to a more holistic view where the mind, body and heart are in total harmony. Yoga, then serves a much greater purpose and helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle, with a noticeable change in personality.
Health problems faced by city dwellers – pollution, global warming, pressures of work, travel, communication, etc. – lead to accumulation of tension in the mind and toxins in the body. This is where yoga comes to the fore to help us achieve a balanced state of mind and body which can help us cope with our daily grind. We need to shift our mindset from the curative aspect to the preventive aspect of yoga for a healthy, fruitful life.

Regular practice of yoga has helped Aseema staff members in numerous ways such as – improvement in stamina and flexibility, development of strength, relief of muscular tension and pain and improved sleep. These benefits can be enjoyed by all who choose to devote a little time every day to maintaining and enhancing their quality of life.
I invite you all to love & live yoga!

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