Yog Vidya for society

We need not explain which dimension our society is heading. We feel extremely shameful when we see issues like rape, murders, corruption etc., increasing day by day in our society, which clearly indicates that the human values are decreasing or almost finished. Lot many efforts are being put to remove violence from the society but all the efforts are in vain because instead of removing them from the roots, the base is being concentrated.
There is no question about this that as long as violence is there in the roots, we are going to face the problem of innocent people being hurt in the society. If we really want some improvement in the present violent circumstances, then we really need to educate the roots of our society i.e. our school going children. We can teach our children about human values through yoga because it is easy to mould wet clay instead of a pot made of clay. Once a person grows up without adapting human values then it is close to impossible to direct the person’s mind towards good behavioural patterns. Thus, the role of yogic education plays an important role in a person’s life which affects the overall society in a positive manner. It is always better to prevent a society from violence than to cure it and the prevention can happen by turning the minds of children aging from 0 to 12 years towards Yoga. Different yoga techniques help us to give direction to negative energy into very positive energy. A knife in the hand of a doctor can save a life and a knife in the hand of a criminal can destroy a life. So, how we channel our energy is very important. Thus, love and live yoga to have a better life and society both.