Personal Yoga Class In Kolkata- Why a personal yoga training is more beneficial sometimes:
July 5, 2017


In today’s competitive world, there is a rat race for everything. It starts with parents rushing to get their beloved child get admission in the best school and continues later during job seeking and it’s a never-ending cycle.
The level of difficulties is on the rise and along-with that comes the baggage of spoken and unspoken expectations. Parents expect a lot from their children and the children hold certain expectations from their parents. At times it is very much out there and vocally shared and at times its just the eyes which do the talking.
If we talk about its impact in the long run, it is not a healthy one. There could be a lot of negativity and add on stress for both the parents as well as the child.
Parents are not the only one who are involved with children, the second family of the child- the school is equally important. The child has to be the main focus and his/ her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs should be taken care of properly.
The stress levels are increasing at an alarming rate. This is a major concern and poses a threat to the overall well- being of the individual and his/ her family. We are so engrossed in moving ahead in life and winning all the competitions that we forget to enjoy the present only. By the time we realize this, the best parts have already flown away.
YOGA can be of help in bringing a sense of calm to the individuals. If the practice of yoga is inculcated in the children from an early stage, then a lot of positivity and focus can be inculcated in them as well.
These three- child, parents and school should be on the same page then only the growth of the child will be there.
It’s not about asana but cultivating an attitude through aasana.
Its not just about yogic posture but cultivating an attitude through yogic posture.
We talk about “ath yoga anushasanam”- purpose to practice with discipline.
Every student is incomplete in their lives journey without discipline.

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