About Yogacharya Sandeep

He is a trained Yoga instructor and master in Yoga psychology from the Bihar School of Yoga.

After completing his further education from Bihar Yoga Bharati (World’s First Yoga University), he came to Mumbai looking to spread his Guru’s message of “Love & Live Yoga” and have since been teaching there for the past 13 years. His teachings are aligned to the principles of Satyananda Yoga.

His extensive background in the study of Yoga has given him thorough knowledge on how to approach physical, mental and general health problems using various yogic techniques and exercises. Having done both personal training and corporate yoga in the city, his programs were especially suited to for individuals with time constraints.

Yoga for him is more than a profession, it is a way of life, and he enjoys teaching when he has given the opportunity to communicate his way of living to his students. As a teacher, he tries and impresses his students the importance of attaining an anatomical understanding of the postures and direct their attention to the detailed physicality and energetic intent of the asanas. By discovering body and breath awareness, one can develop a compassionate and joyful attitude towards themselves and the world around them.